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Cut Wood


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Own your piece of Canadian culture with an investment in an original Villiers Wyld Wood commission.

Lead Wood Sculpter, Ryan Villiers is no stranger to creating unique, detailed and memorable pieces that are sure to capture attention, commemorate significance or showcase your business or interests. 

Villiers pours his talent and passion into every single piece and this award winning artist is no stranger to international acclaim. Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Villiers has sold commissions across our great nation and throughout the United States. Recently, Canadian icon, Ron Maclean gave props on a carving of Don Cherry completing the piece with a personal signature and Sylvester Stallone reposted a commission carving Villiers created now standing in Hope, B.C.

Ordering a Commission


Ordering a commission is easy.
If you dream it, we can build it! 
We love unique, challenging and first time builds.

We ask that you request a quote and contact us to engage in supporting the design process for your one of kind piece of art.

Our experience ranges from: 

  • large animals; bears, cougars, birds

  • characters

  • super heroes

  • fantasy

  • pets; dogs, cats, horses

  • specific people; family members, celebrities

Please be mindful that great art takes time, attention to detail and quite literally some sweat! We strive to surpass your expectations and can also offer glass eyes, air brushing makeup, laminated wood projects, customizable mounts and more to complete your commission. 

Feel free to contact us anytime to request your quote and please book your commission with as much notice as possible to allow us time to make it perfect.

Make your art stand out, consider adding: 

  • wood mounts

  • airbrushing

  • added mediums

  • laminated wood 

  • taxidermy style carvings 

  • greenery

  • teeth

  • add bench seating

  • glass eyes

  • patterns

How do I maintain my piece of art?
Please view the button below to learn how you can maintain the integrity of your art. 


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